Sewam American Indian Dance

Education Enrichment / Cultural Awareness Programs


"Many at our school felt that this was the best program that we have had. It was magical,

and many of your lessons will stay with us. The entire school community was inspired and guided by you!"

~ Stacey Kertsman, Teacher, St. Mark's School, San Rafael, CA

We could never teach all that there is to learn about Native American people. Our intention is to expose students to Native American culture with the goal of cultivating an appreciation and interest in learning more, not only about Native American culture, but also inspiring students to learn more about each other and there own histories.

Native dancing and music represents a beautiful expression of Native American heritage. It is one of the most meaningful ways in which such heritage is presented to contemporary society, through singing, dancing, drumming and colorful and rich regalia. Every song, dance and gesture illustrates a part of Native American heritage as a people with roots in the distant past.

Our programs are offered in two formats, either as a school assembly or a more intensive residency program. Each program is tailored to compliment any existing program focus at the school, or presented as a special one-time event.

In these programs, students will be introduced to some of the more popular Native American dances, such as the Grass Dance, Fancy Dance, and Traditional Dance. We also share a very rare opportunity in a special presentation of the Hoop Dance, which is a dance that very few people may ever see.

Origins and meanings of each dance will be discussed, including a brief general history of Native American people, origin stories of different tribes, and discussions involving daily life customs. There is an opportunity for group participation. For longer residency programs, students may have the opportunity to also learn cultural arts and crafts traditions such as corn-husk dolls and sand painting, become exposed to social games such as stick game and more.

“I have been with the district for eight years, Eddie's presentation is one of the best. I love his interactions with the kids as he teaches them valuable insights into Native American culture. The kids were blown away by the power of his performance. 

~Jeannie Son-Bell, Mountain View Whisman School District

Program Goals

  • Build awareness and appreciation for Native American culture - past and present
  • Leave students with a deep, positive impression of the rich dance traditions of the Native American Plains Indians
  • Encourage students to reflect and take pride in their own culture and traditions

Additional Program Details
  • Study Guide available for teachers; pre/post program preparation and classroom activities
  • Appropriate for all grades K-8
  • Additional customized programs available for High School
  • Presentations can include both male and female dancers/educators

Program News

Marin Scope Magazine Article - Hoop Dancer Wows at Mill Valley Public Library

Programs are booked directly through Sewam Dance, contact us at to learn more.  Sewam Dance/Eddie Madril is also a featured artist with Young Audiences (San Francisco) and Youth in Arts (Marin County), insured arts/education booking organizations.