Education Enrichment / Cultural Awareness Programs

Through assembly events and residency programs, students are introduced to some of the more popular Native American dances, which are often not seen outside of Native community gatherings. In these specialized programs, students can have a chance to experience and discuss origins and meanings of dances, understand cultural history, lifestyle, arts and participate in hands on activities and dance.  
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Theater Performance & Arts

Sewam American Indian Dance has performed Internationally as a featured Native American Dance group for performance, education, theater arts and cultural exchange. Productions are designed to bring together both contemporary and traditional native dance and music to produce inspiring and visually stunning performances for fine arts theater presentations. 

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Fine arts

Indigenous Couture

... a few words from Eddie Madril, Creator, IC

"I am deeply immersed in and around a culture that expresses both internally and
externally the strength of imagery. As I have grown as an artist, I began to look closely at American Indian clothing – at the beauty and strength of it’s imagery, it’s meaning, it’s purpose and began a journey of discovering contemporary culture expressions of fashion today as individuals influenced by traditional culture. My starting place, is to wonder... if Indigenous People in the Americas were to express themselves artistically in a more modern world… what would that look like?"

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Native dancing and music is a beautiful component and expression of Native American heritage. It is one of the most meaningful ways in which such heritage is presented to contemporary society, Indian and non-Indian alike. Each song, dance and gesture illustrates a part of Native American culture as a people with roots in the distant past. Through singing, dancing, drumming and regalia, the spiritual and symbolic aspects of humanity are reenacted. Although many of the dances are social, they are also steeped in deep meaning and significance.

Sewam American Indian Dance