Sewam American Indian Dance

"Origins"  ~ Cultures of the World Festival, Gannat France

Theater Performance & Arts

Sewam American Indian Dance has performed Internationally as a featured Native American Dance group for arts, education and cultural exchange. Our productions bring together both contemporary and traditional native dance and music to produce inspiring and visually stunning presentations. We are honored to work with dancers who are cultural ambassadors, representing different tribal backgrounds from around the United States and coming together to share the richness of Native culture, arts, music and dance.

"Your dance, your art, your history being shared... it is extraordinary! What you have
inspired within me, is without words."   ~ E. Merrill, San Francisco 2016

"So powerful, so moving, the story being told on stage filled my heart... I have never seen anything like this!"

~Kathy Douglas, San Francisco 2014

Recent Events Include

California Arts Council Anniversary, Sacramento, CA

Rotunda Dance Series, San Francisco, CA

Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA

Les Cultures du Monde International Dance Festival, Gannat, France

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, CA

DVH CultureFest, San Ramon, CA

Montalvo Center for the Arts, Sarratoga, CA

Spring to Dance Festival, St Louis, MO

For information about including Sewam American Indian Dance

in an event, or bringing Sewam to your area please contact our

Program Director, Sara Moncada at